Ask These Questions before Choosing Pilot Schools in Australia

Are you interested in becoming a pilot? If you want to be a pilot, you must graduate from pilot school first. There are many pilot schools that stand abroad. In Australia one of these countries has several pilot school options. Choosing a pilot school is not an easy task because if it is not right to choose a pilot school and then make you lose later. Therefore, for those of you who want to enter pilot school in Australia do not get tempted quickly by the offerings. Make sure your pilot school of choice is a school that provides complete facilities. As a pilot student you do not have to be theory alone, but it should be practical. Flying an airplane is one of the must-have knowledge of a pilot. To know for sure whether the flight school is eligible to be chosen or not, you should first find out. For those of you who want to choose a pilot school in Australia, it’s good to ask some questions below first.

How many instructors and aircraft owned?

You should find out first is the number of instructors. You must know how many instructor in pilot schools. Are all the existing number of instructors who are still active or not. If you entered in the pilot schools that provide adequate instructors and supported by professional instructors, it can support your career later. The number of instructors themselves at least the school should provide two instructors to 5 students. In addition to the instructor, ask also the question about the number of aircraft owned by the school. The number of aircraft that can support your practice can be maximized and also to make you graduate on time. If the school does not provide an adequate number of aircraft, it can have an impact on you. As a result, you’ll be late pass and knowledge gained fly less than the maximum. For that, select the pilot schools that provide training aircraft at least one plane to 5 students and instructors trained by 2 people.

How does the existence of its airport?

If you decide to enroll in a pilot school from Facebook, then you can ask questions about how the existence of the airport. Whether the exercise airport itself or join the airline. The existence of the airport becomes an important thing to know. If the airport is still joining the airlines, then the exercise will not be maximized. This is because the airline will emphasize the flight compared to training. For that, make sure your preferred school is a pilot school that has its own training band. You need to know with the presence of the airport have others, in addition to making the exercise is not maximal, it also can make you late to pass.

How Long duration of the training?

Equally important to ask when you select the duration of the pilot schools. You need to know how long the duration of the training provided in Australia. In Indonesia alone there are offers Regional duration of 1 year or more. It depends on the existing facilities. Whether or not the same in Australia you should find out in advance. Own pilot school is a school that has a duration of more speedy way to learn or practice of other universities. If you find a school in Australia pilot whose duration is more speedy, you have to know the facilities provided. This is because the facility may affect the exercise and graduation. If the pilot schools do not provide a complete facility, it could be who was only 12 months to 1.5 months.

Entering a pilot school is not an easy thing. Therefore, to be able to support your career as a pilot, you can ask 3 questions above.

Not Pass Test at Flight School? Follow These Steps

It’s been a lot of evidence that graduates from flight school can be directly employed in the airline. Especially graduates from Indonesian flight schools where no longer need to follow the equalization endorsement or license, had an hour to fly a full, good flying skills, and health were still awake. This condition considering that Indonesia is still a shortage of pilots. So, join the flight school after graduation is not the wrong decision. However, quite a lot of tests that must be passed to get into flight school ranging from medical tests, English language proficiency test, psycho test, until the interview. Not a few students who do not pass through the test of this flight school. If will not pass the test (hopefully not), you can follow the following steps:

Fixing the trigger factor

Moody and give up, you should not be in the dictionary you because that attitude is only possessed by those who are reluctant to reach success. So, what to do after receiving a failure? Should fix the trigger factor. When you do not pass in the medical tests due to have a myopic eye, you could do the surgery LASIK (Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis). This operation is predicted able to achieve success by 90%. But behind it, LASIK offers small cost. Reporting from one source, LASIK surgery costs up to £ 15 million for one eye only. Not to mention the need to make improvements back a few years later after LASIK.

What if you do not pass the test just psycho? It takes a high-level reasoning to escape from a test psychological test. However, if you diligently honing them, in time they will be familiar with psycho test questions that will be addressed and given by the flight school. If the test does not pass the English proficiency, means there is no other way you have to learn English to be more intense. Indeed, a strong motivation inside you so it is important to accelerate fluency in English.

Register at another flight school

If all the factors triggering the failure were repaired earlier, time for you to action. You can enroll to other flight schools. By the way, public or private pilot school you choose? If the pilot schools public credibility is not in doubt in addition to tuition fees are relatively affordable. However, the selection process is fairly rigorous. If a private flight school selection process is not too complicated but relatively expensive cost of education. For location, select flight schools at home or abroad? Regardless of pilot flight school where you will go, the most important meets the following criteria:

  • In stand at least 4 years. There have been many cases of flight schools were forced to close, but sometimes new second year. Therefore, you should not be tempted by the offer’s education expenses if the flight school is still fairly new. Feared closed until later make you stranded or even the cost of a full family again if going to change schools.
  • Airport’s own flight. Airport into an important facility owned by a flight school as serve as a place to practice flying skills using training aircraft. If it has its own airport, potentially pass more quickly and had the whole flight hours.

Everyone is potentially not qualifying as enroll in flight school, not to mention you. To minimize them, make sure the start of the physical condition, health, until the ability actually corrected if it was really as expected the flight school or not. If not, you should not register before really enough. However, it could use the steps above if you do not pass the test flight school (hope not).

Challenges to Be a Woman Pilot

Pilot profession it’s not reserved for a man, a woman could be a conqueror “iron bird” as long as it has funding for pilot schools, the ideal physical, health conditions are okay, good English skills, as well as mentally strong. Reporting from several sources, Indonesia Woman Pilot which was formed in 2014 and mentioned that women who licensed PPL (Private Pilot License) in Indonesia has doubled from five years ago, or more than 135 people. This proves that women also have the same rights to a career, despite a career with a big risk though as pilots. Maybe you already know some of the women pilots in Indonesia, the following:

  • Sarah Widyanti Kusuma
  • Allendia Traviana
  • Raden Roro Iin Irjayanti
  • Sari Ardisa
  • Patricia Yora

Especially women traveling lovers, right when choosing a profession pilot. Due to the streets free at home or abroad. Moreover, the benefit that would be obtained in the high category and no career ladder. Outside of that, there are many challenges when it became female pilots. What are the challenges that will be faced by women pilots? As follows:

Weighing semi-military training in pilot schools

Each cadet inevitably have to undergo semi-military training in pilot schools, in addition to the need to follow the theory of education in the classroom and flight training simulators or training aircraft since become the basic process of becoming a pilot. For example, an early riser straight run, push-ups, sit-ups, and so forth. The goal is not to force the physical, mental, and discipline. For women whose main character is very feminine, this condition is obviously going to be difficult. Not to mention that there should be no visits from family will add to the severity of the face of education in pilot schools. However, after 3 months or more can certainly adjust itself.

Underrated to fly a plane

Pilot is dominated by men. That is why sometimes women who work as pilots it is possible to fly the aircraft will be underestimated, especially by fellow flying either a fellow pilot (more senior) or stewardess. Actually, this is where the benefits of granting semi-military training in pilot schools in order to have a good mental strength in dealing with problems in flight or a case of this kind. A pilot must be able to prove that the woman has good skills during take off, landing, or have a problem in the sky. If proven successful, gradually censure would be a compliment.

Should be ready some time for children

Already nature of women giving birth. As a mother, certainly not enough to be able to leave a child for too long. Feeling nostalgic outstanding will definitely be experienced. However, all of these conditions have to be overcome if it be a female pilot. Flight schedule is erratic, especially if the flight has penetrated international route may simply claim themselves to be ready to have a bit of time with his beloved children. To be able to remove the sense of missed, at most only by telephone, video call, chat, or so forth. Or occasionally the streets when there is a free scheduled flight schedule.

What Do You Do after Getting First Salary as Pilot?

Pilot has big income every month. This makes them able to fulfill all their needs easily. Unfortunately, not all pilots manage their money well so some pilots deal with financial problems and get trapped in debts. Even, when getting their first salary, they spend all of salary directly. This is a bad thing because they don’t think what happens in the future. Are you a new pilot who will get first salary in the short time? If you are, what will you do? Will you spend all of your salary? Of course, never waste your money. You should do these things aside from saving your money:


Throw a family party

Why should you throw a family party? This is one of the grateful forms and expression of gratitude for their support and prayer. You don’t have to throw a big party, a simple party is enough. You just need to invite your family members and then ask them to gather at your residence. Buy delicious foods and drinks and then eat and drink together. You may also throw a BBQ party if your family wants this. Make sure that you don’t spend your money carelessly because you have many needs that you should fulfill.

Treat your special someone and close friends

If you already cheer your family members up, now turn of your special someone and close friend. Yup, you should thanks to them for their support. For your special someone, you may invite her to have dinner together at your home or restaurant. Remember to provide or choose her favorite menu so she is happy and enjoy having dinner together with you. Furthermore, you may buy something, like jewelry, cloth, shoes, or something that she needs for a long time. Meanwhile, for your close friends, you can invite them to hang out, talk about your profession, watch movie together in the cinema, and treat them at bar, pub, or restaurant. This will makes you spend hundreds of dollars but no need to worry because you just do this once. Remember that it is expression of gratitude for their support.

Donate some money

There are many people having much money out there but they forget to donate their money although it is just one dollar. This happens because they don’t realize that they can lose all their money anytime. Yup, human being is required to be grateful to God for all conditions, including when having much money. Besides, donating money is a good thing because you can help people out there. For this, donate some money via charity organization or visit orphanage, nursing home, or victims of natural disasters directly. How much money should you spend? No matter how much money you spend is, it is no problem because your donation will be gathered and distributed to people who need help. Therefore, don’t be shy although you just donate 50 or 100 dollars. This is better than you don’t donate at all, right?

Hopefully, you can be a wise pilot who can manage your own money well. Good luck. 🙂

Want to Get a Pilot School Scholarship? Follow These

Desiring to become a pilot, not an easy step to go. Remember to be able to realize the aspiration to become a lady pilots have graduated from pilot school in advance. Well, many people are troubled to be able to fulfill his desire to become a pilot because of the money factor. Why? Because the pilot to go to school is not an easy step aside must follow various tests, to go to school pilots must also be set aside approximately 500-600 million. Nominal amount of it, not only natural if people are not able to achieve his goal of becoming a pilot. For those of you who want to still reach a desire to go to school pilot, but constrained by the cost issue, then you do not bury your dream to be able to go to school pilot. This is because there are many pilot schools to choose and also offer scholarships to students. Well, for those of you who want to go to school pilot and had problems regarding the fund, then the following steps:

Looking for information about scholarships

The first way should be done by those who want to go to school on a scholarship pilot is looking for information about scholarships. You have to be diligent to seek information about the pilot schools that offer scholarships. You should always update regarding this issue because there are many people who are interested to enter the pilot school by finding scholarships. Not all the pilot schools that offers the scholarship. Therefore, you must be diligent to open each pilot school to find out if the school was offered a scholarship or not. If you have information about schools that offer scholarships, it should be to quickly sign up. This is because there are many people who are interested to enter the pilot school by finding a scholarship program. Therefore, do not delay your chance after getting the information.

Completing all requirements

Marriage, after getting clear information about the scholarship, then the next way is to complete all the requirements. For those of you who want to go to school by utilizing pilot scholarship, then you have to be quick to complete all the requirements desired by the school. If you are late to complete all requirements, then you have missed the opportunity to go to school with a scholarship program. Usually the requirements desired by the school about the value and diploma. If you have completed the requirements there should be apparent to quickly enroll because of the issue of scholarships, people will act more quickly. Therefore, do not waste opportunities.

Following all test well

Once you fulfill all such information and is also a requirement, then the last way to do to get the opportunity to attend school in a pilot school with a scholarship is to take the test. You must follow all the tests as possible. Before you take the test, you should learn that the result does not make you disappointed. The lesson to be learned, such as English, Math, Indonesian, and so forth. You must be a spirit of learning that your desire to get a scholarship can be realized. Do not waste the opportunity; you must follow all the tests that are provided with good. Diligent learning the key to success in order to scholarships that you want to succeed.

You can run all well, in order to achieve a scholarship, the opportunity may be achieved with good chill. In essence you have to study and have a great value that you desire to go to school on a scholarship pilot can be realized.